FreewayPTT - Radio over LTE

Anywhere Anytime Communications

One button. That is all it takes to connect your teams

Instant Wide Area Coverage Over LTE

FreewayPTT provides wide area communication using a LTE (4G) and 3G network and instantaneous communication. Individual calls, Group calls or All calls can be made the same way as a conventional two-way radio. FreewayPTT does not require its own repeaters or IP network, which reduces the costs of building and maintaining a wide area radio network.

Multiple users in the system can initiate calls respectively. There are no requirements to check or wait for channel availability. With FreewayPTT there are no capacity limits.

A Complete Integrated System For Your Organization

The importance of keeping your construction crew connected can’t be over stated. No matter the size or type of job site, coordinating your team can help increase efficiency while boosting your bottom line. Freeway Communications LTE Radio is the perfect solution to help you optimize operations with secure, clear and real-time communications.

Security teams need to know they have the communication capabilities that will adapt to any situation. Freeway Communications LTE Radio solution can be deployed quickly and provide the coverage necessary to secure almost any environment

An excellent customer experience is key to the success of hotels, restaurants and retail stores. Freeway Communications LTE Radio solution provides your team with clear communication that is necessary to provide the level of service your customers demand.

Keeping your supply chain moving efficiently from one point to another is critical to your business. Knowing the location of your assets on local and national levels can significantly reducing operating expenses while maximizing your profit. Freeway Communications LTE Radio solution can you help you optimize operations with secure, clear and real-time communication.

Professionally managed logistics are critical to the success of large and small events, alike. Freeway Communications LTE Radio solution is an excellent option to provide clear communication and keep your team in sync.