Cell Booster Antenna Separation for Installing Amplifiers

Antenna Separation for Installing Amplifiers

Proper cellular antenna separation is essential in order to prevent signal oscillation, or feedback, that can interfere with the tower or shut your cellular booster down, temporarily. Separation is measured in a straight line from the exterior antenna to the closest interior antenna. The closest allowable separation depends on factors such as an booster's dB gain level, building location, or the building materials of the structure.

30 dB       4 feet separation
40 dB    6 feet separation
45 dB     15 feet separation
55 dB       55 feet separation
62 dB       65 feet separation
65 dB       70 feet separation
68 dB      80 feet separation
70 dB       90 feet separation
75 dB  110 feet separation
80 dB  125 feet separation