Cel-Fi PRO Home Cell Booster

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Cel-Fi PRO Smart Signal Booster

NEXTIVITY’S 3RD GENERATION Cel-Fi SYSTEM adds substantial capability over our previous versions. The Cel-Fi PRO is designed to dramatically improve voice and data coverage in up to four bands for 3G, 4G and LTE for consumers while significantly improving network capacity. Good things do come in small packages: Now with LTE support, Cel-Fi is compatible with the highest data services application available. All new patented echo cancellation algorithms enable Cel-Fi to offer even higher signal levels throughout the coverage area than before.


  • Has Improved Voice Coverage. Enables clear and reliable voice connections within the coverage area —13,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Has Improved Data Throughput. For indoor areas with poor reception, Cel-Fi offers significant data throughput improvements for HSPA+ or LTE — often achieving a 4x improvement.
  • Has Improved Battery Life. Cel-Fi manages the power levels between the cell tower and user devices so that subscriber devices enjoy significant improvements in battery life.
  • Extremely easy to install. Cel-Fi is a true “Plug and Play” system that doesn’t require the installation of external antennas, bulky coaxial cables or a configuration set-up by the subscriber. In fact, Cel-Fi intelligently and automatically senses and adapts to its environment — including changes made by the Operator or those caused by nearby user equipment like WiFi, or other Cel-Fi devices.
  • Reduced Churn. Fewer dropped calls and higher data rates help ensure customer retention.
  • Higher Data Service Usage. By supporting advanced multi-carrier features, the third generation Cel-Fi system ensures that customers can maximize their data rates.
  • Decreased Operational Cost. Lowers cost of indoor coverage and increases capacity of WCDMA and LTE networks.
  • Network Safe. Cel-Fi’s embedded System-On-a-Chip technology provides real-time and automatic end-to-end gain control, thus guaranteeing it will complement the existing macro network’s capabilities.
  • Operator Specific. Cel-Fi’s On-Board IntelliBoost processor securely manages the enhanced services only for the Operator who authorized the system.
  • Self Adjusting. Cel-Fi automatically selects the correct frequencies for use based on channel frequency and Operator PLMNID codes, thereby eliminating additional and costly Operator provisioning efforts.
  • Multi Technology Support. The Cel-Fi PRO can support both WCDMA and LTE across four different cellular bands in the same system.
  • Multi Carrier Support. The Cel-Fi PRO system simultaneously supports multiple carriers with bandwidths anywhere from 5 to 20 MHz with a total system bandwidth of 35 MHz.

Cel-Fi Features:

  • Fully wireless, plug-and-play quad-band architecture for supporting—WCDMA/HSPA+/ LTE, with up to 100dB of system gain in each band simultaneously.
  • Patented 2-unit, 3-hop system allows flexible placement for optimal coverage.
  • Processor running advanced digital echo cancellation and channel select filtering algorithm.
  • Software-based optimization of integrated antenna coverage pattern which maximizes system gain and provides improved coverage and signal quality.
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) continuously monitors system path loss and transmit power to deliver maximum gain.
  • Intuitive LCD User Interface (UI) allows quick and easy installation by end-user.
  • Cel-Fi PRO External Antenna Connector SMA-Female (EXA) variants feature an external antenna connector to enable the use of an external Donor antenna. A Cel-Fi PRO EXA with an external Donor antenna can thereby acquire an outside signal, allowing it to be used in applications where no signal is present indoors (i.e. cement, metal walls, etc.). This opens up new opportunities for using Cel-Fi PRO Smart Boosters when other solutions fail.
  • Cel-Fi PRO EXA enables cellular coverage in hard to reach places by allowing the Cel-Fi Network Unit to be placed, where no service exists.

High-Level Specifications:

  • Support for 3GPP HSPA Rel. 10 features and 3GPP LTE Release 10 Features
  • 5GHz link compliant with FCC Part 15 and EN 301 893
  • Up to 100dB path loss between units (approximately 20 meters between NU and CU) • Max EIRP for Multiple carriers: 16dBm downlink & 24dBm uplink
  • Auto-Configuring “All band scanning” feature to self adjust as Network channels change
  • Multiple band configurations available. Check with our Sales rep for details.

Cel-Fi WAVE Mobile App

The GO M is supported by Cel-Fi’s unique WAVE platform. Cel-Fi WAVE is a smartphone app that will help you get the best performance from your Cel-Fi GO M. The WAVE app is available for iOS and Android. The WAVE provides a User Interface to Cel-Fi systems. The app’s dashboard shows the system “Boost” value. It allows you to monitor signal gain the GO M is providing.


  • 3G / 4G / LTE Voice and Data
  • Mobile Coverage for cars, trucks, RVs, and boats
  • Multi-Carrier Support with Carrier Switching
  • Indoor / Outdoor NEMA 4 Rated
  • Network Safe
  • Smartphone App for Optimizing Performance

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