Icom Base Station Radio

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Icom VHF or UHF base station radio


  • 30 W VHF or 10W UHF radio
  • 12A Switching Power Supply
  • Housing
  • External VHF or Internal UHF antenna
  • Hand Microphone.


Features, Performance, Value For the Everyday LMR User


The IC-F5023H series is ideal for small-to-mid sized systems for public safety, large industry, transportation to light commercial users. The IC-F5023H series offers multiple signaling, advanced scanning, improved external channel control capability and wide frequency coverage packed in a compact body. This rugged mobile easily exceeds your expectations with its reliable performance and communications quality.


128 memory channels

128 channels (Max.) separated into 8 memory zones. Memory channels can be identified with the 8-character channel name and selected easily with the up/down buttons.



Icom 128 memory channels (max) separated into 8 memory zones
Icom Built-in 2-tone, 5-tone, CTCSS and DTCS capabilities
Icom Kill/stun functions disable a lost or stolen radio over the air
Icom 6 programmable buttons allow customized operation
Rugged construction, meets MIL 810F standard
Icom 50W output power VHF, 45W output power UHF
Icom Powerful, front-mounted speaker with 4W audio output
Icom Lone worker function requires a response from the operator
Icom Scanning setting is dependent on operating channel
Icom Compatible with IC-F3021/F4021 series handheld radios
Icom MDC 1200 compatible with the following built-in features
  • PTT ID (TX/RX)  Radio check (RX)
  • Radio Stun (RX)  Radio revive (RX)
  • Emergency TX/RX (NoACK)
  • 5 alias table (max)


The F5023 is the replacement of Icom's high selling F5021 and F121 series radios. The F5023 is the only radio capable of wide band radio communications used in Canada as the F5021 is now narrow band only as per American regulations.